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Tailored Smart Home Technology in Manchester, Lancashire

House - Smart Home in Manchester, Lancashire
Take a step into the world of tomorrow with our customised intelligent home automation. Get in touch with GENESIS SOLUT1ONS LTD based in Manchester, Lancashire, for high-tech smart home technology

The Future Today

Delight in a dedicated, tailor-made smart home that meets your home’s needs. GENESIS SOLUT1ONS LTD automate your property so an intelligent system monitors how much energy a home is using. Be amazed as it switches off lights for you when you’re not in the room.

Our smart home system automatically powers down microwaves and chargers.  The system is so advanced that if you open a window it will turn off the radiator in that particular room to conserve energy, saving you money.


One Touch Control

By utilising this patented Loxone™ technology you will be astounded at the control you have over your new smart home. GENESIS SOLUT1ONS LTD are able to link up lights and heating to be controlled by a single source, such as an iPad™ for example.

We install RGB lighting so you even have the choice of whatever coloured mood lighting you desire.  GENESIS SOLUT1ONS LTD even link this to the TV so whatever you are watching comes alive in colour throughout your room. As our solutions are entirely bespoke to your needs, just speak to us and we’ll see if we can make your technological dreams a reality! Every installation we complete is as unique as its user.

Extra Security

The smart home also incorporates its own alarm system and can send images live to a user's phone or internet connection. When activated it sends an alert to the user, and is tailor-made to the user's requirements. Your alarm system is adapted so that it won’t go off every time a cat walks across a lawn.
Contact GENESIS SOLUT1ONS LTD for tailored smart home which transports you to the future.